Thursday, 25 June 2015

Which flat should I buy in Belper?

Which flat should I buy in Belper? One of our landlords asked if they should buy a 1 or 2 bed flat to rent out to tenants. The first question I asked them was what was are they looking for from the investment - capital growth in the property or a great yield?

Answering this question will help you figure out which properties you should buy...The average asking price of a 2 bed flat in Belper is £126,000 today compared to £75,000 for a 1 bedroom one (excluding the retirement flats). This is quite a large difference. The 2 bed flat achieves an average rental price of £585 per month compared to £412 per month for a one bed.

That’s a yield of 5.6% for the 2 bed against 6.6% for the 1 bed. So surely, the 1 bed is the better bet? Well it does offer a better rate of return in terms of rental income, but the 2 bed flat is slightly easier to rent out, which means less void periods and will be a little easier to sell in the future. So as they say “you pays your money and take your choice”…but the good news is that Belper is always popular!

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