Thursday, 10 December 2015

Heanor Property - Do you know the Facts and Figures?

Here at Spruce Tree Lettings, we can guide you to the right places to identify property values and yields in Heanor and other useful property related information so you can make sure you get all the information you need about your future investments. Here are just a few property facts about our town of Heanor....

There are 249 streets in the DE75 postcode with 8,384 households and nearly 31% of all those houses (2,597 to be precise) have changed hands since 2005.

Compared to the national average - Heanor has 40% more detached houses, 15% more semi detached houses and as for flats – there are very view with less than 1% of housing stock in Heanor being made up of flats – compared to the national average of around 17.5%. Interestingly, around only 4% of all households across Derbyshire are flats, although this figure will no doubt increase as more are built.

This is all a good indicator that Heanor is good place to buy property in. If you would like more useful facts and figures pop in to see us at our offices.

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