Thursday, 3 December 2015

Shipley View Estate, Ilkeston – Property everywhere but none to rent?


I was recently asked why there are so few properties to rent on the Shipley View Estate. I did some research and found that since the beginning of 2015, only twenty five properties have been available for rent on the Shipley View Estate, one of Ilkeston’s most popular housing estates. Now whilst the market may be starting to slow a little now as we approach Christmas (which starts for many around the 18th December!), as more people focus on the holidays, many of the properties that have been to let on the Shipley View Estate this year have let in typically 2 to 3 weeks, proving it’s popularity.

As we speak in early December 2015 there are several 2-beds available but they haven’t been on the market for long – all less than two weeks - and probably won’t remain so! So the fact is that actually there is property to rent on the estate – tenants just have to be quick about reserving theirs when they come up.

We can help you identify property values and other useful property related information to make sure you can get everything you need about your future investments. Here are just a few property facts about Ilkeston…

The average house price is around £142,500, and the average income of someone living in Ilkeston is £18,530 per year. Price to earnings ratios are effective measures of the relative affordability of property in a given area (the higher the number – the more expensive it is to buy). In Ilkeston it is the ratio is 7.69 compared to 8.75 across all of Derbyshire and 11.21 nationally. Of course these ratios are dwarfed by those in places such as Kensington & Chelsea where the ratio is a staggering 46.94!




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